aesthetic affirmations

aesthetic affirmations (if your eyeballs need a hug)

Just leaving these aesthetic affirmations here for you. Please remember to take care of your mental and physical health. You are worthy of kindness in this moment and always.

Taking a break from the daily blog updates to work on meatier content for you! (Will likely be a few times a week… and juicier.) For your daily dose of witchery, check out @californiawitchcraft on IG!

pink sunset aesthetic

A pink sunset aesthetic moment to escape into? Yes please!

It’s rewarding to keep your eyes out for little everyday moments of magic.

Sometimes if you’re lucky, you’ll catch a BIG moment of magic. This perfectly pink sunset aesthetic moment was just that!

I want to share this ethereal pink sunset with you to remind you that we live in a world where AMAZING things can happen.

It is important to remind the world it is beautiful. (Sadly, sometimes we forget.) Please allow these photos to temporarily whisk you away for a blissful bask in beauty!

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You know you’re a witch when…

Did anyone else find themselves deep in feelings this weekend? I am forever committed to a positive attitude, yet I couldn’t help but notice the weight of our stark world reality creeping in. I decided to go for a (socially distanced) walk and when I returned, something magical happened! You know you’re a witch when…

…the local cats come to hang out right outside your window! First I noticed one adorable little guy chilling in my backyard. Soon after, a friend joined him! They hung out with me for quite a while as I repeatedly cooed compliments on their cuteness through my window.

As dark as the world can be, it is still full of magical moments! Keep your eyes open for small signs. Keep your eyes open for blessings, and you will find them!

fairy ring

I spy a fairy ring!

Ever since I adopted this little cactus, magical things have been happening in my backyard. Flowers and plants seem to love to sprout around it! After it became embraced by enthusiastic nasturtiums, I scooted it over, and the most magical little fairy ring soon followed.

Have you seen a fairy ring? This phenomenon refers to any natural growth in a ring-like pattern – circles of mushrooms, flowers, even trees can sprout up! Legend has it these rings bring luck, but don’t mess with them or you’ll potentially get the opposite!

I think it is the sweetest thing that my cactus has made flower friends! One upside of being home is I notice every little update in plant activity here. Stay tuned for a garden tour soon!

Mother’s Day appreciation for Mom and Mother Earth!

Happy Mother’s Day! It’s my mom I have to thank for being here and while it certainly can’t even begin to repay her for everything she has done for me, it feels only right to dedicate today’s post to this absolute angel on Earth!

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Pep talk! Please remember there is softness in the world

Just a gentle reminder tonight:

There is still softness in the world. There are still people who love and who want peace and who care. We have golden light and a beautiful moon and skies that change color. Flowers are sprouting up from the earth like they’re singing to the sky. We still have sunshine and bird songs and a great big planet to stand on as we hurdle through space.

The experience of being at this world can be beautiful and terrible and everywhere in between. There is a full spectrum from the best to the worst of things available here. Please choose softness and sweetness and love when possible. We have enough harshness all around us. May we find solace in appreciating the parts of our world worth celebrating. Though we cannot come together physically, we can unite in gratitude for each other and the world that we inhabit. We are so lucky to have each other, we are lucky to be here, and we have the strength to hold out hope for a more deeply interconnected future with ourselves, each other, and our planet.

I say all this because I know sometimes it is easy to forget! We all experience concern for the future, but please don’t let that rob you of the present. Focusing on what we want to see in the world will help us collectively manifest a happier reality. I believe in you, I believe in me, and I believe in the world, no matter what.


Venus over the sea

Just a little story tonight…

I always admired the super bright “star” that is first to appear over the western horizon… until I quite recently learned it was not a star at all – it’s Venus! I couldn’t help but feel a bit of a thrill as I realized that from my point of view, she hovers above the ocean, and even shines through my west-facing window. (My Venus is in Pisces – it feels oh so right!)

Moving towards the May 7th full moon in Scorpio, there is intensity building in the air. The energy of Venus glistening in our sky is passionate, fiery, and driven by love. If you are feeling a lot right now, it is certainly appropriate. Now is the time to connect with the passionate loving energy inside of us so that it may guide us onward. We can feel all kinds of things, but as cheesy as it may sound, the most important is love. Keep on shining your light to the world in any way you can, Venus reminds us. That is what you came here for!