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Welcome to California Witchcraft!

What’s up witches? I’m Emily! I believe in unicorns. And I believe in YOU!

Wanna know why? Because when I look at you I can see the highest potential in you. I see your beautiful radiant soul as everything it ever could be.

And thankfully you’ve now found me, a witch in California who loves to doodle and contemplate life’s mysteries. I’m dedicated to bringing more love and magic into your life and our world!

Let me help you see life through an artist’s eyes. (All three of them.) Because whether or not you think you make art, you are an artist – and your life is your creation!

So let’s claim it right now! I am here to help you connect with and develop your OWN unique personal magic, you fabulous unicorn! I’m spilling secrets on all kinds of witchy wisdom you can integrate into your life, your way. The result is a chill concoction called California Witchcraft!

As humans, we often forget our true multidimensional nature and become disconnected, lost, or confused along our soul’s journey on Earth. The human experience can be very distracting! As a clairsentient psychic and “extreme empath” with at least one foot and one eye in another dimension at any given moment, I see the true you, I see your soul’s path and pain and highest purpose, and I receive information to guide you along your way.

My ethereal friends, have you ever daydreamed about creating real magic in your life, manifesting your ideal reality both within and around you? Well, I have some exciting news for you – you are capable of this and so many other magical things! You may have forgotten, but I am here to remind you.

Thanks to a lifelong interest in witchcraft, meditation, plants, and weird science, I have developed a unique perspective to offer you on the workings of our minds and our universe. And that is what I am in the process of showing you through this project.

It is important to acknowledge also here that I am on occupied Ramaytush Ohlone Territory and dedicate my work to spreading knowledge of conscious, compassionate care of each other and our planet.

I offer Tarot, aura, and psychic readings casually for donations and for those who pay land tax to Indigenous people at the moment, but an expanded service menu with more offerings is coming soon! Contact me here!

Let’s be magical friends!
Personal Instagram: @unicornface
Blogstagram: @californiawitchcraft