WARNING: a change in consciousness is coming

Hey gals, ghouls, goblins, and Gs. There is something that has been weighing heavily on my mind and I feel called to share it with you. It is on the current state of our planet, and how it will shift our perception of EVERYTHING – or at least, how it ought to. My prediction: this current global pandemic is about to be the catalyst for a massive change in our consciousness.

Our breath is our life force. When we exist by breathing on the face of this planet, it is life that is breathing through us. You are a particular physical manifestation of life. You have the ability to breathe in, and breathe out, day in and day out, until you no longer can. The pattern of your breath follows the pattern of your life. No one is guaranteed a set number of breaths per lifetime. Just the fact that you are here getting to breathe at all is nothing short of a miracle. From all the cellular building blocks that could have combined together to make anything or anyone, out came you. Please never forget what an astounding stoke of magic it is that you came to BE.

Let’s hold up there: you came to BE. You’re here, being, correct? You did not come here to NOT be. Whether it feels like it or not, you also did not come here to just sorta be here but not really. You are not here to take each breath for granted, to turn off your inner light in the face of fear or worry or stress or scrutiny. You came here to breathe life into your existence.

But our modern world would certainly have us thinking otherwise. We are fed messages from our society and media that life is a certain thing, and must be lived a certain way. It is filled with formalities and due process and technicalities and little things to worry about that take your mind off the simple joy of being here. Our lives can sometimes be so filled up by everything but living that we take for granted the fact that we are alive.

Is it a coincidence that a disease is sweeping our world that stops the ability to breathe? Not only did this make the whole world seem to stop to catch its collective breath, it has made us give more than the usual thought to the preciousness of breathing. As a species, we have contributed to pollution that has challenged our earth’s ability to breathe; now we are being forced to recognize that we can no longer take each one of our breaths for granted. Perhaps we are being given a grim reminder: to be thankful we can breathe at all. We are being nudged towards recognizing the sacredness of every moment and movement of life.

Moving forward, one can’t help but wonder how this shift in values will affect the way we conduct ourselves in the future. My mind can’t help but wonder what will become of those who used to go out night after night in the hopes of finding solace in a stranger’s arms. What will become of the formerly routine social engagements like happy hours and casual get-togethers that under the light of today’s circumstances now seem dangerous and unnecessary? Will we ask ourselves before each social excursion, “Is this to die for?”

My hope is that we will collectively seek more meaningful interactions. Impersonal hookup culture may give way to the desire to form a deeper connection. Superficial acquaintances may give way to a sense of true community and friendship. We may consider more carefully how we are allocating our time and our presence. Our choices about where to spend our time and who to spend it with may become more mindful. My hope is that we will also continue to place more value in going inward, in taking time alone to appreciate the gift of breath. Being forced to consider the value of each action and interaction could collectively steer our consciousness in a more mindful direction.

In a time where our very way of life feels threatened, every breath is revolutionary. With every breath you take on this earth, with every moment you are alive, you have an opportunity to create the experience you want to have here. Do not wait. This time is precious. Value each breath, and USE it.

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