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Unicornface - California Witchcraft

Hey it’s me, UNICORNFACE
psychedelic artist, author & content creator based in
San Francisco, California!
(I’m also known as Emily.)

I specialize in using
creative strategies
to raise awareness around
psychedelics and mental health.

Check out my two illustrated books:
California Witchcraft
Dreams vs Fantasies: A Psychedelic Self-Love Story.

California Witchcraft began as a guide to creating your own unique magical practice,
and with it, your most magical life.
This all started with a blog, evolved into a book,
and who knows what the heck will happen next but it’s gonna be cool.

When I’m not working on personal projects, I’m applying my creativity to marketing for individuals and businesses in the psychedelic harm reduction space!

Through my work with the San Francisco Psychedelic Society I have created and raised awareness for hundreds of events and multiple classes over the past two years, providing thousands of people worldwide with accessible information on psychedelic harm reduction and integration. I have contributed to the organization, design, and promotion of numerous psychedelic conferences, community events, and treatment providers.

Check out my recent work on this freshly launched advanced guide to microdosing,
The Microdosing Movement Masterclass!

Please contact me below to collaborate.
Currently I offer freelance illustration (see my psychedelic art gallery here!),
content creation, graphic design, web design, social media, and creative digital marketing services.

Let’s connect!

Blog Instagram: @californiawitchcraft
Personal Instagram: @unicornface
San Francisco Psychedelic Society: @psychedelicsocietysf

For business inquiries:
For inquiries related to the San Francisco Psychedelic Society:

Previous collaborations:

The Mt. Tam Psilocybin Summit + The Mt. Tam Psychedelic Integration Jam

House Kombucha (Photography by Ms. Lee via Waffle Howse)

Unicornface for House Kombucha

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Memes for good causes:
The San Francisco Psychedelic Society, Mt. Tam Psychedelic Integration, & Women-SV