pleiades portal

The Pleiades Portal is open!

No, it’s not an episode of Rick and Morty! We are currently under the influence of a dazzling celestial event, known as the Pleiades Portal. Wondering what the heck the Pleiades Portal is and what it means? Allow me to shine some light on your cosmic curiosities!

The Pleiades and the Seven Sisters are both names for this dazzling star cluster that is among the closest to Earth. This cluster of stars has long been thought to have mystical properties, and are even believed to be home to advanced multidimensional spirit beings. When the sun moves in their direction each year around May 16th through 24th, the light they shine towards the sun beams through to Earth. This event is known as the opening of the Pleiades Portal.

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how to interpret tarot cards

TAROT HACK: How to interpret Tarot cards the easy way!

Alright, I have officially thrown in the towel that is Tarot Tuesday. In the darkly humorous science fiction world of our current reality, weekdays no longer seem relevant anyway. Let’s be real: I can’t keep track of what day of the week it is, and neither can you, most likely. But one thing will always be certain: I am incapable of going longer than a week without talking about Tarot. So here we go again!

Call it what you want: Tarot time, Tarot talk, Tarot tips, Tarot tip talk time… anyway. This week instead of picking a Tarot card to chat about, I am switching things up! I have a fabulous Tarot tip to bestow upon your magical self: a game-changing Tarot hack. Lazy witches rejoice! It’s time to learn how to interpret Tarot cards the easy way.

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protection spell

A simple protection spell

How are we doing, folks? How are you really doing, I mean?

The reality of our current world situation has been hitting me in waves. Sometimes I feel like I’m chugging along just fine, and sometimes I just feel so helpless! The more I talk to others, the more I realize I am not alone (in this feeling, at least). We all wish there was more we could do to really feel safe.

Enter this simple protection spell. At the absolute least, you’ll get the mental satisfaction of feeling like you are taking some kind of extra action to stay safe. And at the best, well, it just might work!

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You know you’re a witch when…

Did anyone else find themselves deep in feelings this weekend? I am forever committed to a positive attitude, yet I couldn’t help but notice the weight of our stark world reality creeping in. I decided to go for a (socially distanced) walk and when I returned, something magical happened! You know you’re a witch when…

…the local cats come to hang out right outside your window! First I noticed one adorable little guy chilling in my backyard. Soon after, a friend joined him! They hung out with me for quite a while as I repeatedly cooed compliments on their cuteness through my window.

As dark as the world can be, it is still full of magical moments! Keep your eyes open for small signs. Keep your eyes open for blessings, and you will find them!

fairy ring

I spy a fairy ring!

Ever since I adopted this little cactus, magical things have been happening in my backyard. Flowers and plants seem to love to sprout around it! After it became embraced by enthusiastic nasturtiums, I scooted it over, and the most magical little fairy ring soon followed.

Have you seen a fairy ring? This phenomenon refers to any natural growth in a ring-like pattern – circles of mushrooms, flowers, even trees can sprout up! Legend has it these rings bring luck, but don’t mess with them or you’ll potentially get the opposite!

I think it is the sweetest thing that my cactus has made flower friends! One upside of being home is I notice every little update in plant activity here. Stay tuned for a garden tour soon!

sand dunes and sea figs

sand dunes & sea figs

Hello, lonely world.

One of my favorite activities lately has been sitting with my butt on the sand. It feels so grounding. On my (socially distant) walks I like to plop down on the local sand dunes and look up at the sky, listening to the sea.

Here along the California coastline the sand dunes are covered in flowering dense green succulents. I just learned that these magical plants are called sea figs. How whimsical is that?!? They look like chunky cartoon versions of grass erupting in aquatic-looking yellow and pink flowers. Apparently they are edible too?!?

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seven of cups tarot card

Seven of Cups: Tarot card talk for a hazy Tuesday blurring into Wednesday

Damn, it’s almost time to water my plants again already?!? As this Tuesday sheds its skin and slithers into yet another Wednesday, my hazy brain keeps reflecting a Tarot card full that has been coming up in my readings a lot lately: the Seven of Cups.

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