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What’s up witches? I’m Emily, creator of California Witchcraft! From its start in 1992, my lifetime in California has taken me on a variety of strange adventures, and the time has come to share all the weird knowledge I have accumulated with you!

I have dedicated my life to studying esoteric topics: witchcraft, Tarot, meditation, yoga, psychedelics, and weird kinky stuff. Originally, I started this website to independently create and publish content with the goal of demystifying taboo topics and empowering others to live their most magical best lives.

But along the way I realized my real purpose here: to help magical humans like you bring more love into everyday life, and into our world.

So think of me as the human version of a rose quartz crystal in your pocket. I’ll be right here, radiating love energy and reminding you of your magic.

One enchantment at a time, we will cultivate more love in our hearts and our planet.

So join me, coven! From a chill California perspective, we’ll be having some casual chats about how to create real magic and peace on this planet.

Let’s be magical friends!
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